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Queuenomics™ advanced analytics forescast the future, monitor the present and measure the past - so you can win today.

Queuenomics™ is our proprietary shopper media program with 4 analytic models

1) Queuenomics™ Predictive Analytics
Want to predict shopper programs performance before launch?
Understand the ROI of you shopper marketing media investment before you launch. Queuenomics™ predictive analytics helps forecast multi-channel results before your program launches.

2) Queuenomics™ Analytic Monitoring
Want to optimize media or channel performance effectiveness during an active campaign - real-time?
Real-time monitoring provides big time media savings, increased effectiveness and efficiency. Queuenomics™ analytic monitoring uses real-time monitoring to optimize shopper 2.0 digital and social media.

3) Queuenomics™ Post Analytics and Reporting
Would you like to have reports which clearly provide shopper media insights, actionable data and implications to your shopper strategies?
Actionable data drives marketing inshights for your media while driving your retail volume. Queuenomics™ Post Analytics evalutates shopper media performance across owned, earned and paid media to provide insight into media effectiveness and efficiency in driving retail volume.

4) Queuenomics™ Retail Geo-Analytics
For retail locations needing an immediate volume lift, we reach shoppers by location and store preference to deliver coupon offers and promotions. Queuenomics™ targeted Geo-Analytics modeling uses triangulation to make better digital ad buys. By analyzing shopper data, consumer data and retail geo-location we can virtually eliminate media waste.
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