They said the automobile was just a fad. ‘They’ were wrong.

They claimed personal computing was a novelty for the wealthy. ‘They’ were wrong.


Now, there are some that claim the iPad is just another trend, waiting to be passed by. Yet again, ‘they’ appear to be wrong. With industry insiders and tech prognosticators hailing all things iPad these days, it appears to be headed for uncharted territory – everywhere.


First things first. Apple is selling their iPad at an unprecedented pace. In total, Apple has now sold 14.8 million iPads since its launch last April, making it an unequivocal success.


What’s more impressive is the gravitational pull it’s having on young people. In November 2010, Nielsen reported that an iPad was at the top the Christmas list for kids ages 6 to 12.


How is this possible? Apple is creating new and future users within the classroom. By embracing education at all levels, Apple has found a way to sell thousands of iPads, while growing their user base, without a substantial advertising budget.


Apple has been developing a school market for the iPad by working with textbook publishers on instructional programs and sponsoring iPad workshops for administrators and teachers. With the ability to download up to 600 textbooks on one 16GB iPad, Apple is cutting down on the costs of textbooks, both to schools and to students.

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