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Fiat Spain has launched a new app called Fiat Street Evo. It recognizes traffic signs and transforms them into features of the new Punto Evo, a car that’s targeted to a younger, more tech-savvy crowd. The app recognizes traffic signs as if they were QR codes, associating each sign with a feature directly related to that sign. For example, a STOP sign will tell the user all about the new breaking system, a CURVE AHEAD sign will tell the user that the car has an intelligent lighting system that guides you in curves. The list goes on with every feature of the car. Pretty cool stuff, and incredibly successful, as you’ll see at the end of this clip.



Much has been made of the new generations that are experiencing the world through new, more sensory-driven engagement via the Web, the Wii and 3D Movies, among others. Concerned that they were losing out on newer, younger audiences, a museum in Kraków, Poland decided to do something about it.

The Sukiennice Museum of 19th Century Polish Art chose to re-invent their image by taking growing trends in technology and incorporating them into a new exhibit of older works. They created audio and video recreations of the stories behind some of their most important paintings, including Augmented Reality – where visitors could view the video and painting at the same time through a smartphone app.
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