Brand Mascots can help to differentiate brands in mature markets, under intense competitive pressures, in categories where it is difficult to tell your product or service from another. It can be the most successful way to be unique in instances where it is challenging to differentiate with features, benefits, service or price.


Here, we’ve compiled a list what we feel are the ten most iconic brand mascots ever.

  1. Mickey Mouse debuted in the 1928 cartoon Steamboat Willie.
  2. Only 9 actors have portrayed Ronald McDonald, featured in commercials since 1946.
  3. A 14-year-old schoolboy won a prize for creating Mr. Peanut in a contest held by Planters Peanuts back in 1916.
  4. Tony The Tiger debuted with a co-mascot Katy the Kangaroo. Katy was out of a job after consumers voted for Tony as their favorite.
  5. Created by the Michelin brothers and a poster artist (Marius Rossillon) in 1898, The Michelin Man has been one of the world’s most recognizable mascots for over a century.
  6. Although we may know him as The Pillsbury Doughboy he was originally introduced as Poppin’ Fresh in 1965.
  7. Ernie Keebler’s hollow tree bakery is located in a place named Sylvan Glen.
  8. Mr. Clean is also known as Veritably Clean. He’s been tough on grime since 1958.
  9. The Jolly Green Giant was launched in 1925 to help introduce the company’s unusually large peas.
  10. Geoffrey Giraffe did not have a name when he was introduced in 1960.  Instead, a contest was held to name him.

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