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Digital Services:

E-marketing & media
Social marketing
Viral programs
Database-driven web apps


Web 2.0
  (rss, wiki, blog, narrowcast, mobile, etc.)
Webcast/podcast placement & sponsorships
Virtual events
Multimedia marketing
  (mobile marketing, video messaging, mobile video content)
User-driven content development &
Website & microsite development
  (flash AS2, AS3, HTML, javascript, ajax, xml, xhtml, css)
Back-end system integration
  (SQL, asp.NET, php)
Search engine optimization

Holistic Digital Marketing

We provide holistic solutions which integrate website design with email, blogging, webinars, website design, in-bound marketing, social marketing & analytics to ensure that you are not missing opportunities to generate more leads, better leads, and connecting lead opportunities to business revenue.

Website Platforms

Our holistic website platforms enhance user and shopper experience through seamless cross-channel & cross device integration.
  • Website Development: Amazing UX design, CMS system with responsive design adapting your website for desk top, tablet and mobile
  • Sweepstakes & Campaigns: Full sweepstakes app integration, rules and fulfillment management
  • Email: Email integration that builds customer relationships, deep analytics to segment shopper profiles
  • Social: Seamless integration of social sites help to broaden reach and effluence aiding conversion
  • Hosting: Blistering speeds, ultra-security, 24/7 services

Mobile Site Platforms

Mobile shopping has exploded. Our unique mobile application development process utilizes experience engineering to build unique friendly.
  • Mobile Site Design: intuitive UX design crafted for smart phones, device-agnostic mobile navigation, programing that provides geo-location and user data to track and build relationships. Mobile commerce optimization and analytics
  • Mobile App Design: Mobile iOS platform development, UX design, coding, Apple registration and testing

E-Commerce Platform

Our holistic approach to building commerce platforms provides clients with 360 selling optimization to drive acquisition, conversion and retention.
  • Website: Amazing UX design, CMS system with responsive design adapting your website for desk top, tablet and mobile commerce, full SEO for superior ranking
  • eCommerce: Intuitive purchase cycle interface, shopping cart abandonment and tokenization
  • Hosting: Blistering speeds, ultra-security, 24/7 services

Search Engine Marketing

Comprehensive search engine advertising services (also commonly known as Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC). Our focus is always on achieving the optimal ROI for our clients, through advertising effectiveness and a continual focus on clearly defined lead generation goals and objectives.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines represent a critical channel for acquiring website traffic, generating lead opportunities, and establishing brand awareness. We unlock the opportunity for organizations to be found for competitive keyword phrases by utilizing SEO initiatives tied directly to B2B marketing strategy, not short term tactics compromising the brand and organization.
Services > Digital
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